Ashley Alban

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I’ve created a place for us to vent during her radio silence.


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This video is proof that Ashley has the best ass on the internet in the world

Purely for the collectors out there like me who really love Ashley Alban and her phat white wobbly ass.

Dual audio versions of her ass shaking videos, meaning you can toggle the audio track so you hear what AA hears while she slaps her cheeks to the music. These are re-encoded into HEVC file format(x265) so not original(also not mine) but still pretty neat:

Really hope she returns this year, plus she’s thiccqer now!

For those who don’t wanna download the torrents (I know slow for some atm but cba to reupload them elsewhere)

Part 1 – 114 files (94.3 GB)

Part 2 – 110 files (103 GB)

Xmas twerk

Some of her clips Hope you guys enjoy !!

  Ashley Alban !!

Hello guys, I don’t know if anyone has posted yet but, when SE was about to shut down I saved every link from “Ashley Alban – Ass Shaking” series, each one in full HD. Those links aren’t mine, enjoy.