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Yo, I haven’t seen any threads on Xandria yet, so I thought I’d just start one.
I’ve been trying to find as many videos of her as possible, including videos of her with another model called “DollFaceMonica.” She nuked almost all of her socials at the beginning of this year, and I haven’t seen any signs of life ever since. I have no idea if she’s going under a different name, either.
She used to have videos on manyvids, but that’s all gone now.

Her manyvids can be looked at on the wayback machine (whoever put it up there is the goat):…ofile/1000817080/XandriaGoddess/Store/Videos/
Maybe I’m asking for too much, but… if anyone’s got something from there (before it was deleted), would you be kind enough to upload?

More links:


Other videos that I forgot to put up. Mostly anal and BJ content.

One video with DollFace


Miss Voluptuis | AthenaBlaze

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