Tantot Twins (Pauline and Mathilde)

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i love her fuzz on her buttcheeks
I was remembering when you couldn’t imagine pops showing her pussy and now here we are. So blessed

wdym bu fuzz

Why take a whole screen screenshot instead of just saving the original image?
Something new?
theyre so boring
It’s not a fake. It’s a long time ago, before chirurgy when they had 20

Matches up with a bunch of their less photoshopped images

mathilde-tantot-and-pauline-tantot-attending-the-paris-hilton-x-boohoo-party-at-hotel-le-marois-in-paris-france-on-june-26-2018-photo-by-aurore-marechalabacapresscom-2DDA795.jpgThey’re legit. Been out since around 2017/2018

It is plastic surgery not photoshop

I’m ready

boner-skeleton.gifYou should not post these to imgur, in a few days they are moving to their updated TOS that doesn’t allow for nudity or sexually explicit content.
can’t seem to work, can you drop a gofile link please?

can somebody post the bj / hj pictures’ names so I can look for those?

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