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I didn’t want to make a full on thread for her, specifically because I know I’m not going to be the one that’ll be able to keep her thread updated enough to make this anything besides a request.

Here below is her full gallery for her subscription page on her which is currently updated from the day I have ripped this on 1/10/23, ripped directly from the page using inspect element in the highest resolution available. Currently the album is quite slow to load as I did just upload it, but it does eventually load. If there is any difficulty accessing the album, please let me know.

Below are two screenshots of what her IG SUB page looks like, currently updated as of 1/10/23.

I think she just posted some DM’s with her nipples out… anybody got it?
“shower thots…   ” ppv

Open robe
Paid 20$ for this… disappointing really…

two more ppv sets

Re-up please?
Jodi West
Phanye Hernandez/phanyehernandes/phanyehernandesz/phanyehernandez22

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