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Cute blondie from stripchat


Does anyone have something good about her?

RoseWellsk Nip Slip​ she does topless handbra now she does topless handbra now

in a group chat she was fully topless, but with her nipples covered

she was banned by Stripchat today is she banned?

she was streaming on other sites at the same time, its against the rules of Stripchat, she was banned from flirt4free for the same reason.

she is back on stripchat, must have been one day ban.

Secret show

There’s some more of this cutie, sadly she doesn’t do more than what was shown above, but here ye go.
These are 3 shows, one long and 2 short ones, that weren’t here fully.
Feel free to re-upload to one of the better hosts, I have no account for the best one and currently cannot create one it seems.

Such was the price I paid…

carlomarques99 Here we go!

Password is always:
Any new updates on this thread?

Anything on her recent?

She seems to have quit, she hasn’t online for about 2 weeks.

Shes active again on stripchat. Her new stripchat is this.
Did she do something new?

I don’t know but thank you for her Instagram, didn’t see that posted here before:
@cuteadelin for anyone else looking
Her IG

Such was the price I paid…
2024-04-26 Stream (2 hour stream split into 3 parts)

i think she has quit again, hasnt been online for over two weeks.
barbieghoulx / barbie ghoul
zawadzzzka / aleksandra2202

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