rocking_alopecia / cat_nip

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Finally made an OF

She has’t done any ppv yet but this is everything off her wall

Her account looks promising, her husband looks like he may join in. And there’s a $25 PPV in DM’s now “My first PPV for you all. A 20 second clip of me starting to play with myself wearing the black bodysuit in my banner photo 😉 Please note, it’s not explicit, but it it’s a good watch and you can see my face as I do it.”

Couple of photos

Any heroes with the PPVs

Previous folder has been updated with a few more from her page
Some images and vidéos

Link is down
Any chance of a re-up

Credit to OG poster
Not mine

“The only way to maintain privacy on the internet is to not be on the internet.”
― Abhijit Naskar
Because…. Who doesn’t love long socks and baggy jumpers? 😍

Oh, and boobs and 🐱!


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