MazelynT (Mazzy)

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Can’t believe she is not here. Post whatever you guys have!
Bump. Anybody got anything good?
i have some old videos of her, please post anything new too guys ;)
another oneeeee
Any pool videos of her with emily bloom?
She had insanely hot live vids on Periscope
NN but her friends love showing off their nice little booties at the pool

I sometimes wonder what girls like her do for a living? Going by her insta she seems to constantly play golf and travel. Is she a paid model or what?

remove the last part from the link. “edit” shouldn’t be there.

Ok, fixed, sorry about that

she’s either born to a ” upper middle class ” or been “paid thot to keep company to older men” … Or could be both !

 patricia kristen
 Shana Cohen @Cohcoshanel AKA Coco

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