Lexi Griswold

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Just a little vid in hopes of waking the thread up.

Check out my newest thread and share who you think should start an OF but hasn’t yet.
Here’s a sexy side-by-side fap tribute I made of Lexi – all her best content in one place, edited for maximum fun – maybe a vid or two in there that some haven’t seen.

For da bois.


Asked her if she had bj/facial and she sent 4 videos for 200 saying, I give the best head. Gotta be a scam right?
this really goes in my 10 top bruh moment compilations no cap frfr
Her content is basically unaffordable now.. but here’s some old stuff! Hopefully it’s new for you guys.

I’m late to the Lexy party. Thanks for posting the old stuff!!
Not mine Re-up

Gelöscht. Bitte neu hochladen
Link is dead. Can someone reup?
Don’t have high hopes, guys. Been watching the stream for some time, she’s very inattentive for some tips and keeps changing the tip menu. One guy tipped for pussy flash which was “only” for 335 or something, she ignored it and then the tip sum for that changed to 3333 and now is 33334. Probably someone is managing everything behind the scenes, like always. Of course, you can see her tits without problem.
how long she been streaming for?
Today, July 19th, was the first day, as I understand
nice, thanks for the info. gotta keep an eye out
Here’s part of the stream. Camera quality for 2023 is awful.


Anyone have her ticket show from the end of her live stream yesterday?
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