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She’s got a website with some videos and pics on it. Wonder if there’s anything good in there.

She has a new anal video on sale for $3 for 24 hours. Here’s a teaser from her twitter

She’s got a $5 joi, if anyone has that I’d kill to see it.
glass corkscrew dildo and bell nipple clamps: you’ll want the sound on for this one 🤤

new video, only $3 for the next 24 hours💀🖤
Color changing lights, strappy lingerie,gettin it from behind. No wonder I made a puddle on the floor
Mmmm Underboob

Spit roast for dinner anyone

*purrr 😽

new video live, $3 for 24 hours ❤️

shiny boobs > not shiny boobs

Happy Friday.💀
Deraanjela/ Deraangela/ Risafety

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