Deraanjela/ Deraangela/ Risafety

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She deactivated it.

She had a lot of potential but squandered it being “busy” with nonsense IRL. It was all PPV spam, she lost all her subs due to it all being PPV and low frequency.

Here’s a Subreddit
New videos to buy

from her tiktok

My dream = this guy’s life


I made this compilation of the most interesting vids from her TikTok (mostly tongue stuff):


There shouldn’t be any duplicates, only different clips from the same “session”.
I put some phonk music over it, so just mute if that’s not your thing.

How did I get it? I don’t know

Example Reward of her 5-10$ content there

Like i said before, it’s just a screenshot of her tiktoks/live, it’s a scam

Valeri Catwoman / valeri_cat

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