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Yes. Was looking to see if there was a thread on her. She’s a cutie. Seems keen to do more cosplay too so hopefully some good content to come.
will do more once i get some
no stress. Can only post something new when she does right.
I’ve been watching her on Twitch for a while. Would love to see her wearing less
Some good pics recently. Does anyone know if the set on patreon is any good? She explicitly says no to nsfw content in this post because apparently people had asked, which is expected. At least the potential is on the mind, however unlikely that would be.

From Twitter, might be from the set – I’ll join next month.

I think she might be eventually open to nsfw, she seems to be slowly getting back into cosplay and the demand would be there because she looks great. Might just be a matter of feeling comfortable enough.
I doubt she’ll do nsfw content, but I would hope for sexier stuff at least.

A re-up on these.
Looking cute
Rose Rush. - Destiny Marie / Wetty Paradise / dessy1dior

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