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Her boyfriend Scott posted pics of her on HIS Onlyfans. Does any brave soul have them?

Apparently one of his latest PPVs has her “bare titties”
Anyone have it?
It is bare titties with Scott covering from the front. Heres the pictures from it. I was going to upload the video from this PPV but it is the same as the pictures and I don’t want to sign up for another account. JAC ALBUM
Some of my favorite IG posts

Some of my favorite IG posts

there’s a new photo with her on scott’s payed of, it’s 15$ and i’m not going to risk it

i despise when people post youtube videos/ig posts for reaction score, so please do not like this post i do not deserve score for non-paid content, but scotts new vid is a goldmine of jac’s thighs wrapping around a pole in decent 1080p. too many good spots for me to post just one.
report ALL beggars and spammers:Pepega:

:peepoSimp: leena xu, addison rae, emiru, sydney serena, kaileymae :peepoSad:

Think it’s worth
Only 23 seconds long and no specifics about what’s in it? I’d say scam. It’s only $15, though, so I guess you gotta ask yourself if you feel lucky.

Think it’s worth

I’ve been burnt by a couple of these before. He uses Jac as bait.

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