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Can we start a thread for hotguysfuck videos please. Surprised nothing on this already. Anyone please post it you have anything. Thanks.

I have a few scenes.. Uploading some now, keep checking the album – my upload is slow & I’m having issues uploading.

If anyone has any requests, I can see if I have it and add it to the album. I have at least 120 scenes(varying in quality)

Three HGF scenes with the lovey Rachel Ford.

Thanks man!

Three HGF scenes with the lovey Rachel Ford.

Thanks man!

i really wonder, how come nobody talks about hgf models? i didn’t find many models with any other videos….so there are so many amateurs!! such as Alex Morgan, Tiffany Marshal, Piper Madison ,Rachel Ford,Sammy Scott,Sarah Johnson,Sarah Sunday,Rachel Ford,Shae Blaze,Sofia Santana,Tay Cooper,Marie Jacob,Mila Fleet,Monica Scott,Natalia Cross,Nicole Kidd,Olivia Grant,Jennifer Roy,Kelsey James,Danielle Land,Daisy Dane,Halle Storm,Hartley,Jade Jantzen,Jackie Alder,Alice Arora,Amy Miller,Angelina Colon,Brandy Tinks,Breeze Cutter,Autumn Payton,Bianca Dale,Stephanie Amato,Kylie Storm

Added a couple more Rachel Ford scenes to the folder above.
can anybody upload all the “secret menu” vids?
here you GO, my collection

please leave a like
does anyone has more of Monica Scott?

does anyone has more of Monica Scott?

there are 20 videos with her in my collection:

please leave a like
Summer Saunders (Indica Flower)

I dont suppose you could upload these to gofile or something a little easier to use on mobile?
Does anyone have any of the Sofia Su videos?
Jazmine Garcia?
Anyone know if Jennifer Roy has any more work other than this one video from Hotguysfuck?


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