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so apparently her joi vids are 30$ each, all of them are about 5 mins. She said shes doing a sale, 2 videos for 50
She deleted everything lol I think Twitter and her insta. Apparently she scammed a few guys lol.
Anyone got her oiled feet video?

Anyone got her oiled feet video?

doubt we can find anything out there since she stopped selling
I def recognize her, anyone have any of her old stuff?

Lads I found another one. Just a reminder that I find these by pure luck so dont go expecting more :MLADY:

She still selling on IG
She starting posting again here, and says OF soon in bio.

I made a set of what ive found. do what you will.

this is her current social media as far as i know
Edit: aaaaand now her twitters gone. my mega link is all thats left of her i guess smhhhh

Kungfoy/Emily Foy
MegMage / MeghanMage

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