Daisy White / MuscleMommyy / GapingDuchessss

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She’s changed her OF name to musclemommyy.
This is one lying piece of shit girl but she’s hot nonetheless

This is one lying piece of shit girl but she’s hot nonetheless

care to elaborate?

care to elaborate?

She basically led someone on, on Reddit by telling him that she’s located in the same town as him after he had asked, which kind of encouraged him to empty his bank account into her. In hopes of getting to meet and hookup with her. (She insinuated this would be very very likely to happen if he did) eventually turned out she wasn’t from the same town and said she was mistaken because of the state abbreviation.

It turns out that she does this a lot, I found this out through her Reddit comment history and chats with these dudes on Reddit. They were all led on to believe that she’s from Midwest/Central USA when she’s in reality from the Netherlands. Which she exposed by accident through posting a picture in which a geo identifiable item was present.

Multiple people called her out already but the bitch just deletes and blocks people. All this effort just to scam innocent people…

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