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She sells nudes etc. but keep deleting everything every now and then. I wonder if anyone have anything?

I forgot about her “YT Channel” if you can even call it that way – she may delete it soon – that’s what she does.

Some that were deleted from reddit
Here is my small collection:
Some reddit posts to keep thread alive and in case she decide to delete them.

How are y’all getting this footage? I’ve tried to buy her content for a while but she won’t sell to me.

She is not normal per-se; hardcore bi- fuckin’-polar if you ask me. Whenever she drops a post with new video that is the only time when you can buy it.
She won’t acknowledge that she sells nudes etc. and post can be taken within days or even minutes.
That valentine one was posted then taken down after an hour and then posted and taken the next day.
She won’t talk to you unless she’s in “mood” and even if you buy something she won’t answer any more than necessary. If you want to buy something you have to follow her on Reddit and be ready when the time is nigh :OkayChampThumbs:

Some pictures:

Hey guys, sorry that “all I do is complain” anyway, here are the first 6 videos she sold

I’ve tried buying but she just refunds my money.
1. Choose a video from the list above.
2. Pay Her and put your Reddit’s nickname in the payment title.
3. Contact Her on Reddit.

That’s how you do it.

Some Pictures; said she had new stuff last night 2 screenshots she shared.

SexyFlowerWater / Aurora Flower
Annabellerouge / Kinkcrew69

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