Amanda Greene (Karley Foxx & Marissa)

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She’s 24 years old and travels back and forth from Toronto / Waterloo. Her name is Amanda Greene. Her stage names are Karley Fox(x) & most recently Marissa. She’s had an Onlyfans (I think she deleted it once she started dating this guy but hasn’t made another since the relationship). If you have any of her older Onlyfans stuff that’s greatly appreciated. She had appeared in a few professional porn scenes including Tiptobase69 , Ball Wonder , Etc! That I will be posting. She seems to be very on and off the scene at times!

Instagram :

TikTok :

Onlyfans (not longer works) :

Twerking and teasing vids!

Her full Tiptobase (Tiptobase69) scene as “Marissa” ends with cum in mouth!

Her full Tiptobase69 scene as “Marissa” ends with cum in mouth!

Credit to poster – Just mirrors:


Karley Foxx & Peter Pounder (a bi-sexual performer) “Helping My Sister with her Homework.” Taboo porn set photos.

Karley Foxx & Peter Pounder : “Helping My Sister with her homework.” Full video.

Karley Foxx & Peter Pounder :


Karley Foxx & Peter Pounder :

Powerful Fertility Idol 2​

More twerking videos!

Ball Wonder :​

Full 17 mins Video Sloppy Head 2 Completion with Karley Fox

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